When will the shoes be available?

The first sneaker drop (Pulse) is expected in Spring 2023

Who is making the shoes?

The Italian Shoe Factory in Dubai.

How many shoes will you release?

10,000 Arcane Pulse in the first drop.

What colours will they be released in?


Black, White and Venom Green. Later on, another 7 colours including Translucent. 

Are the shoes waterproof?

Yes. Arcane Pulse is made of a waterproof breathable material. Our patent pending ‘Undercover' lace guard also protects the shoe from heavy rain and splashes by shielding the top of the sneaker which Is usually not waterproof.

Do you ship worldwide?

Almost. We Use Parcelforce within the UK and use FedEx for all non-UK deliveries.


How do the shoes fit?

Arcane shoes are a normal fit. Please choose your regular shoe size. Further details will follow closer to the time of the release. 

How do I clean the shoes?

We recommend using an alcohol wipe on the harder parts of the shoe such as the sole and plastic cover, and for the fabric parts of the shoe, we recommend a soap water mixture and a brush.

What Payments do you accept?

We accept payments using PayPal Express Checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX


Keeping up with new market trends means adapting quickly.

The sneaker world is undergoing rapid transformation through new buying and selling trends - online shopping and the upcoming metaverse. Partnering with the right players can lead to serious market disruption within a short time. We're stronger together.

Coding Station


Global Opportunity

With 100+ footwear patents in the pipeline, we're looking for a partner to fast-track our journey. We want our tech to reach the masses sooner. So if you're a big player in the footwear industry, and are interested in Arcane or any of its tech, please get in touch. 


Global Opportunity

Can you bring production expertise to help us manufacture to the very highest standards? We require regional manufacturing partners with diverse production capabilities, across all types of footwear. Drop us a line today using the button below.


Global Opportunity

Do you love science, engineering and future tech? Become our brand ambassador to work with our team. Not only will you have exclusive access to Arcane prototype kicks - your comments and ideas matter to us. Help us shape tomorrow's world technology in the footwear sector. 


Global Opportunity

As Arcane footwear technology goes through testing, you could be a part of that process. Get to try the latest tech in the industry and be the first to get your hands on our footwear before the public. You can also use your experience to bring forward your ideas and see them take shape in real life. 

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