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A Scottish engineer passionate about crafting cutting-edge kicks. Arcane is my brainchild, born from the idea of merging technology with footwear to break traditional boundaries.


I envisioned a new era of shoe design where wearers could transcend limits and experience a whole new level of performance.

I've been fortunate to learn from industry legends like Joe Foster, the founder of Reebok, who shared invaluable insights on blending technology into footwear. 


Currently, I'm deep into creating our first footwear lines, Pulse and Arrow, in collaboration with the talented team at Footwear Studios in Germany. I'm excited to introduce technologically advanced footwear that's set to redefine your experience.


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At Arcane, we harness the power of technology to take footwear and individuals Beyond Boundaries. Our commitment extends to comfort, safety, and performance as we continuously innovate to deliver footwear that exceeds expectations. 

Our Experiential Footwear   is a user-centric approach designed to tap into sight, sound, and touch, the fundamental aspects of your sensory experience, creating a rich and immersive feeling. By integrating these sensory elements into our footwear, we elevate your footwear experience to new levels.


If you're an athlete preparing for battle, whether your goal is to claim first position or achieve a personal best, we are here to elevate not only your performance but also your mindset. Experience an unparalleled surge of positivity as you forge a profound connection with our footwear, enabling you to feel securely locked-in and primed to unleash a whole new level of performance.




We are dedicated to using sustainable materials in the construction of our products, ensuring that each step you take is not only exceptional but also eco-friendly. By prioritising sustainable practices throughout our design, manufacturing processes, and end-of-life-cycle, we contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we push the limits of what is possible, creating products that provide unrivaled comfort, uncompromising safety, and unparalleled performance. Join us on this transformative journey as we break barriers, redefine possibilities, and empower athletes to reach new heights. Discover the extraordinary at Arcane, where boundaries cease to exist.      

With Gratitude, 


Amaan Waheed


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A Failed Science Experiment

2016 - I tried to create a single-pole magnetic ball using fixed magntes that would levitate on a single-pole magnetic plate. According to the "magnetic monopole" hypothesis magnetic monopoles, or single-pole magnets, do not exist in nature - that's why my experiment failed.

From Failure to Innovation

2017 - While experimenting with single-poled magnets, I played with magnets and created a magnetic lego toy that I called Stax. Drawing on my experience as a Lego master since age 7, I found it relaxing to play with and dubbed it "Relax with Stax".

Innovation to Invention

2017 - one Stax creation stood out. A freestanding magnet spring cushion. I sought the help of Murgitroyd IP lawyers to file a patent. Typically, fixed magnets simply stick to each other when brought close together. However, due to my unique formation of polarities in a pyramidic shape, these magnets exhibited a cushion-like property. It was a thrilling discovery, and I knew I was onto something special.

Invention to Commercial Application

2018 - during my quest to find a practical application for my invention, a visit to a sneaker store and seeing the Nike air display gave me the idea of creating a magnetic sole cushion. My confidence in disrupting the market grew even more when I discovered through online research that the air cushion technology, which had been invented in the 1970s, was still a best seller to this day. I realised that the time had come for something new, and I believed that consumers would embrace the opportunity for a refreshing change.

Sci-Fi Tech Training

2019 - the innovative 80s served as a great source of direction for me. It had everything: advanced footwear technology that offered added convenience and mood lighting that evoked emotions. I also noticed that the autolacing technology promised to us by Nike never made it to the high street.

Footwear Industry Training

2019 - Susannah Davda, the Footwear Consultant, provided me with a solid foundation, while Joe Foster, the Reebok Founder, imparted comprehensive training in various domains, including expertise in Reebok pump technology. Todd Krinsky, the VP of Reebok, and his technical team, shared manufacturing insights and advised on my technology. Tom Bayes from SATRA testing labs played a crucial role in providing technical expertise and testing insights. Additionally, I am thrilled to have Safa Sahin, a renowned ex-Nike designer, onboard to design our exceptional footwear.

Advanced Engineering Training

2019 - my dad works in a hydrogen-electric truck company, which enabled me to visit suppliers and gain knowledge on cutting-edge automotive tech. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend the latest industry events. This experience sparked my curiosity and imagination, leading me to think of ways to apply automotive technology to the world of footwear. It gave me fresh ideas and inspiration for developing new and innovative designs.

Arcane is Born

2020 - I chose the name 'Arcane' for our footwear brand because it is a word in the English language that means mysterious and understood by few. It perfectly captures the essence of our new footwear technology that must be explained. We are a new company with a clear vision and identity, and our innovative footwear designs are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the industry.

Experiential Footwear by Arcane

2021 - at Arcane, we bring the mind into sharp focus through curating a ritualistic experience that stimulates sight, sound, and sensation. When athletes prepare themselves in Arcane's tactile interactive sportswear, it evokes the essence of an ancient warrior donning body armour, fully prepared to give their utmost effort, with the highest stakes on the line. Dee Brown's iconic victory in 1991 perfectly exemplifies this mentality. Just as Brown energised his mind and achieved heightened focus by pumping his shoes before critical shots, our methods epitomise a resolute commitment to mental preparedness and the attainment of peak performance.

Beyond Boundaries

2022 - our completion of the core technology range revealed the powerful connection between pushing engineering and technology boundaries and athletes surpassing their performance limits. This realisation served as the catalyst for our mission: to take footwear and athletes Beyond Boundaries. We remain unwavering in our dedication to this mission.

The Road Ahead

2023 - as we embark on the journey of producing our footwear as a direct-to-consumer brand, we are actively seeking the right partners and collaborations to optimise the entire process of production, distribution, marketing, and sales. By joining forces with the right team, we strive to enhance efficiency and expand our reach to a broader audience with our innovative products. That is why we are simultaneously engaging with established footwear and apparel companies to explore exciting possibilities and unleash our full potential.

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