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Step into the world of Hydrogen Trucks, Artificial Intelligence, and now, V Shares.

My dad built this zero-emission truck that emits only water. With AI integration, it is the pinnacle of efficiency in its category.

Similarly, I've built V Shares that uplift people from poverty. These shares offer such low risk and high yield that their efficiency surpasses even early Bitcoin investments. The best part? You can get them today.

Acquire 100,000 Arcane V Shares for £25. Click the share certificate to get yours, while they're still available. Full terms apply.


Hydrogen Electric Truck - 2023 CV Show 

AI HVS - V Shares.jpg


Step into the world of Hydrogen Trucks, Artificial Intelligence, and now, Vsymmetric Shares.

2. Arcane V Share Certificate - Vsymmetric Asymmetric Symmteric.png

Example of an actual Arcane V Share Certificate with personal details such as home address and certificate number redacted.

1. Vsymmetric Shares - V Shares - Symmetric Investing - Asymmetric Investing.png

about Vsymmetric 

V Shares have built-in safety features that make them suitable for beginners. 

£25 Investment Limit – overextending protection (don't risk your savings fund)

2 - 5 Year Lock in Period – stops gambling, no 'when to sell' stress, ensures big gains 

Beginner Friendly – no need for trading skills or constant monitoring of the market

better than bitcoin


Key differences between Symmetric, Asymmetric and Vsymmetric investing.


Symmetric - Basic Stock Market Where the value can increase or decrease at the same level, making it symmetrical (equal on both sides). 


Asymmetric - Analytical Trading Market experts create 5-1 type situations where the potential upside or gain vastly surpasses the possible downside or loss. 

6. Holy Grail Asymmetric shares.png

Vsymmetric - Arcane V Shares. Single-stock precision-investing for exponential gain, and multi-point risk mitigation for minimum loss. 

2. Arcane V Share Certificate - Vsymmetric Asymmetric Symmteric.png


press release

From Engineer to Law Student: Creating V Shares to Uplift the Poor

Arcane Founder Amaan Waheed working on Arcane Articles of Association with Paula Skinner (Centre) Head of the Entrepreneurial Team and Rachel Miele (Right) Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, Harper Macleod Solicitors, Glasgow.


April, 2024 Glasgow, UK – Arcane Footwear Technology is a 2021 start-up led by 17-year-old “Genius” Amaan Waheed, a law student at Glasgow University. Amaan is pleased to launch the Arcane 'Secure Your Future’ share initiative, offering a lifechanging equity ownership opportunity for everyday people.

Amaan aims to democratise access to wealth creation, making it accessible to everyone through Arcane. Traditionally, the stock market has favoured the wealthy. However, Amaan has pioneered a new approach by providing individuals with the chance to acquire shares, in his company, before angel investors, venture capitalists, and stock market IPO, thanks to his innovative creation, Vsymmetric Shares. 


Most of Wall Street’s legends amassed their fortunes through Asymmetric Shares, where the potential for gains outweighs the risk of losses. Amaan advances this principle by implementing investment limits and enforcing restrictions on shareholder sales until that big payday objective is achieved. This approach, built on a derisked investable business model like Arcane's, mitigates the key risks of stock trading, while prioritising individuals over big investors ensures optimal returns for first-time stock market investors. Welcome to Amaan’s Arcane V Shares, where the maximum downside is limited to a loss of £25, and the potential upside exceeds £250,000.

"At Arcane, we believe that financial success should be within reach for everyone, regardless of their background or income level," said Amaan Waheed, Founder of Arcane. "We've meticulously addressed the challenges faced by ordinary individuals, offering a unique chance to acquire early-stage shares in our UK tech startup, Arcane."

4. Arcane V Shares - Vsymmetrric Shares Differences and Asymmetric Shares.png

"Our approach is simple: If you like our brand, just sign-up to interact with Arcane's social media content for a year and we'll award you 100,000 V Shares through our staff share scheme to secure your future.” “The only cost is a one-time fee of £25 for access to's digital share management platform to keep track of your shares" continued Amaan. 

"I'm excited to work with Harper Macleod and Vestd to offer everyday individuals the chance to acquire Arcane V Shares. Now, anyone 14+ can join our 12-month Social Media Program for £25 and potentially turn it into £25,000 to £250,000 or more as we aim to rival Nike within 5 years through our IP and patent portfolio of advanced disruptive technologies'


The Arcane 'Secure Your Future' initiative draws parallels with BrewDog's successful 'Equity for Punks' campaign, boasting over 200,000 shareholders who became brand advocates, thereby boosting sales.

Reaching 100,000 shareholders for Arcane will not only drive momentum and sales but also yield exceptional returns for each shareholder. Anticipated stock value increases, range from £25,000 to more than £250,000 over 2–5 years, marking a staggering target of a 999,900% increase. This growth is propelled by several factors:

  • Early Exponential Growth: First-in participants often experience the biggest upside, similar to Bitcoin. 'Secure Your Future’ gets individuals 100,000 Arcane V Shares early, allowing them to grow exponentially.

  • Tech is Booming: Technology startups like Arcane, with innovative solutions and global reach, are experiencing unprecedented valuation surges. Think Tesla, Fitbit and Peloton Interactive.

Tesla Valuation.jpeg

"Arcane's valuation can surge due to strategic investments and network expansions through my dad, Abdul Waheed, who founded HVS, a hydrogen truck company in 2017. He secured a £30M investment from the billionaire Issa Brothers, they own Castore, which has itself shown interest in Arcane’s football boot technology. Additionally, with the support of my mentor, the founder of Reebok, we could establish connections with Jamie Salter, the CEO of Authentic Brands Group, who recently acquired Reebok for €2.1 billion.“ said Amaan Waheed.

“V Shares are engineered to skyrocket by around 1,000,000%. This phenomenal optimisation is made possible through 'total-system-control' over all aspects of the business, including shareholders and the V Share system.”

“And, unlike Bitcoin, where early $10 investors sold at $10,000 instead of waiting for millions, at Arcane, we set clear goals with objectives and strive to empower you to sell at the right time.” continued Amaan.

"As we embark on this journey, we remain committed to upholding legal compliance, maintaining control, and avoiding over-dilution," added Amaan. "Our engagement with the best legal experts and industry professionals ensures that every aspect of our financial model is carefully crafted to benefit our shareholders.“

Arcane has garnered support from industry veterans like Reebok
Founder Joe Foster, as well as legal professionals from Harper Macleod. Additionally, the team has worked with share scheme experts at to ensure the success of its initiative.

To learn more and enrol in the 'Secure Your Future' program to receive 100,000 Arcane V Shares, visit Arcane at: Offer valid while stocks last. Full Terms and Conditions apply.



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