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£100k- £200k + Benefits

Every day at Arcane is an 'aha' moment. You're at the forefront of fashion, footwear, and cutting-edge tech, bringing never-before-seen innovations to the world. Imagine leading Arcane, where we push boundaries and strive for excellence in our mission to bring the world groundbreaking advancements.


Global - Remote



What You’ll Do

  • Evalute Arcane to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the footwear technology development requirements for the upcoming Pulse and Arrow product lines.

  • Travel to Germany to meet with the Footwear Studios team and assess their capabilities for production, ensuring they are the preferred partner for this endeavor.

  • Find an engineering firm to swiftly produce standalone footwear components to meet our quality standards, sustainabiliy goals and production quantity needs. 

  • Develop the Arcane in-house engineering team and setup UK based Arcane Labs with the latest range of 3D printing equipment and footwear prototyping equipment. 

  • Establish a close working relationship with SATRA Footwear Technology and begin the testing and certification of our footwear lines. 

  • Supervise the overal general business operation including recruitment, marketing, finance and sales. Set targets for Environmental, Social, and Governance.

Other Key Points

  • This role is ideally suited for someone with a track record in the footwear and apparel industry. However, all applicants with suitable experience will be considered.

  • There may be an advisory part-time CEO role, where a distinguished figure (such as former CEO Steve Hewitt) collaborates with a full-time CEO who has a less sector-specific record.

  • Set the culture and lead innovation with our values—honesty, transparency, excellence. Arcane pushes boundaries across science, technology and materials to foster discovery.

  • Lead the design of our inaugural Arcane flagship store in London, overseeing the entire project from concept initiation to successful completion.

  • Through written reports and social media, keep shareholders and staff informed of business progress, developments, and trajectory.

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